Shipping policy

We aim to ship products listed on our website within ten (10) business days from when we receive payment in full for your order. From time to time, the shipment time of your order may be delayed for reason(s), including but not limited to, reductions in our inventory as a result of increased demand for certain bullion products and/or the reduced supply available to us of same. We will make the best effort to update our website with any delays applicable to particular bullion product as may arise from time to time. When a product or order is subject to a delayed shipping time, this information will be included on our website and your order confirmation email.

We will insure the full value of your shipment to the address provided when your order was placed, or to an address accepted by PayPal. Your signature is required to receive delivery and cannot be waved.

We ship exclusively via either FEDEX Ground or Canada Post Expadited Parcel. All our shipments provide you with tracking information and a delivery signature request. FEDEX will attempt to deliver to your address and obtain either a signed or verbal signature confirmation in person. If unsuccessful, they will re-attempt or request the item be picked up at a FEDEX depot nearest to your location. Fort Canada Post shipments we request “card for pickup” if no “in person” or “lockbox” deliveries are possible. Both CPC and FedEx now often obtain verbal signatures upon delivery and/or pickup. On rare occasions, either can leave the shipment in a location they deem a secure at the delivery address.  We also consider these to be successfully delivered. If you feel that neither a secure pickup or delivery is possible at your location, you may want to consider arranging local pickup at our store. Once the shipment is deemed delivered to your location either by verbal signature, pickup or drop by either Canada Post or FedEx, we can no longer be held liable.

For store pickups, you MUST provide a copy of the original purchase order emailed to you and a valid picture ID to have your order released at the store.